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Tran`sil´i`ence - A leap across or from one thing to another.


I really am grateful for your assistance in taking me through this journey, from where I was completely paralysed to where it is resolved and being closed. You really gently stretched me on this goal and helped me cross the terrain I was absolutely terrified to venture into even, I had no idea where to start and yet today it is resolved through your coaching skills and coaching intuition. This was an invaluable experience for me and proved to me that Results coaching is a powerful process I absolutely believe in now.”


Coach, Social Entrepreneur



I am taking this opportunity to thank you for offering us a most illuminating training programme, which will live with us all for a long time. It is wonderful to learn about how to make the transition from life-coaching to team-coaching, and we were very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and empathetic trainer. Thank you. 

English Faculty Member, University   



When I look back now I actually understand that the simple principles I learnt through this coaching series are priceless and I now put them into action on the important issues in my life family, work and play. Shortly after we finished the series I was moved into a more strategic position which is all about “the plan and implementation”. Recently I received a director’s award for “adaptability” and two supplier of the year awards from two key customers. Key to these awards was planning, relationship and delivery.


Regional Accounts Manager, Multinational FMCG company



Gordon really did a great job in making coaching a workable tool for me as a person. I was never forced into anything and his guidance was just enough to assist me in taking the decisions that were needed to get me moving in the right direction. With his guidance I have reached more than I ever expected and my goals became reality.

Divisional Commander, Operational Department, Emergency Services



This was a life changing experience for me both in my career and personally. I was faced with many challenges in my role at work. What I was able to do through the coaching was to identify areas that were occupying most of my time and build a strategy to either minimise the time spent on unproductive areas or, if it was part of my key function, to think of new and better ways to deal with them. Gordon helped me set some targets and deadlines in both my work and private life.

General Manager for a national franchising company



Gordon’s facilitation was patient and he constantly re-routed the conversation to ensure that we addressed the issues we agreed on. My personal confidence has grown and I feel that I have made a real difference in taking my new directorship role to a new level. My regional team is coming together and we are being more effective.

Regional Director / Board Member



Gordon has a contagiously patient and calm approach. His guidance enabled a learning and discovery process through which I have been able to look at things differently. I was able to challenge myself to successfully move outside of my comfort zone and change leadership behaviours in the workplace to have more of the impact that I want to.

Continuous Business Development Manager, Mining Supply Chain



Three things that I want to acknowledge about Gordon as my coach are his patience, his listening ability and his ability to probe an issue appropriately

Senior Finance Manager



Through this coaching series I was able to develop a framework and new behaviours that I can use in my life and work to enhance my leadership style. Gordon was patient in his coaching and listened without judging me. At the same time he helped to stretch myself and come to solutions by myself.

Executive Manager



Thank you Gordon, you achieved more than what is visible to you. You were confident and competent as a coach and I trusted you from early on. I have been ‘revived’ by this experience. I can feel the impact of my changed behaviour and I like what I feel.

Continuous Business Development, Large IT organisation



Gordon is an awesome listener. He is gracious but challenging as a coach. I felt safe because I sensed Gordon’s integrity. Through the coaching I was able to take a leap of faith into my new career.

A new coach just launching out into business for herself